Wednesday, 20 June 2012

An Artist Journey Exhibition : The Frame Gallery in Odiham,Hampshire

I was hoping to have more time to update my blog this week but it has been impossible to do so. I have two exhibitions in July and August so have been enjoying completing some fabulous new pieces for each show.

I also raced to The Frame Gallery in Odiham this afternoon to fill empty spaces on the gallery walls due to the success of my recent exhibition there. One of the paintings I took in may not reach the gallery wall because while we were unwrapping the particular piece a visitor fell in love with it and it never quite made it to the show.

But the good news is there are now owls, fabulous new florals and many new exciting watercolours for the last week of my exhibition at the Frame Gallery so if you missed seeing the event there  is still time to pay a visit.

Full details can be found on my web site

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Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Jean - congratulations on all your wonderful success. Your art is lovely . The terrier is breathtaking - thanks for always taking the time to share. God Bless Debbie