Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Workshops June 2012

My new book on sale and signed at my June 2012 Workshops.

I am so sorry my blog is falling quiet as I have workshops this week which will be taking all of my time. Anyone who has attended my sessions will know the amount of work involved in the preparation for each day and as my classes are always fully booked the weeks they run in are really busy.

Today started with the "Watercolours With Life Jubilee" session and got off to a colourful start using just red and blue shades with the white of the paper acting as the third colour.

As always the day passed by far too quickly and everyone was brilliant!

I have two more themed workshops this week and then I will be back online before I leave for Patchings next week.

It is a terrific summer regardless of the wet weather at the moment!


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