Friday, 15 June 2012

Patchings Demonstration 2012 : Owl

Owl Demonstration from yesterday afternoon at Patchings Festival 2012
Copyright: Jean Haines 

That was such a fantastic day yesterday demonstrating at Patchings Festival. The feedback I received from everyone letting me know they loved my approach to watercolour was wonderful. So many people told me it was refreshing to see someone with new ideas and techniques and such a buzzy positive approach to painting. So I was thrilled by the end of the day and I almost floated home on a cloud of happiness!

The above work in progress is the owl I started during the afternoons demonstration. I look at ways to "see" everything as a possible subject to paint and then look at how to make each painting more magical.

I do genuinely believe that there is still so much to discover when working in watercolour as a medium. New ways  of creating texture too as in the wing section of the owl above which is painted using my new "Venetian " technique that is covered in my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours".

I was concerned that people at the back of the marquee yesterday couldn't see this well and a few people had to leave as their coaches were about to depart from the festival where I was demonstrating. So here is the owl  I painted and now the use of orange and purple combined with my venetian technique really does come into play to make a fascinating patternised section.

Please watch my web site for full details of my upcoming exhibitions where new paintings will be on show and for sale. I have two collections that will not be launched until July and August. 2012

Now the bad news. My 2012 workshops are fully booked and have been for some time.

The good news is a fantastic 2013 programme will be advertised in October of this year so please watch my web site and my blog!

But the really good news for anyone who would like to watch me in action is that I will be demonstrating during the SWA Society for Women Artists Annual Exhibition again this year. This will be the third time I have made an appearance during the show and it will probably be my last for a little while as my diary for next year is already filling up very quickly.

If you would like to see me please check my web site for the full details.

I would love to see you there so if you like my watercolours make it a date in your diary!

Next Watercolour Demonstration
Thursday 5th July
Mall Galleries
11.30 am and 2.00 p.m.

You will also have the chance to see  a wonderful exhibition that is usually brusting with colour and subject variety.


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