Monday, 11 June 2012

Watercolour Workshops 2012

Last week was a busy week as I held my June 2012 watercolour workshops and they were amazing with a captial A!

Fabulous artists attended each day. We flew from an exciting "Jubilee" one day session through to "Hot,Hot,Hot" a fantastic warm day of exciting colour closing with "Summertime" on Thursday where the goal was to relax while painting. I loved every single session. My only regret is that I can't and enjoy them as an attending not teaching artist! Everyone always laughs when I make that statement but I often look at the attending, inspired artists wishing I could be one of them. Following imy deas from the other side of the  room as everyone always seems to have such a great time!

We have  such a wonderful time. My goal on each workshop is to motivate to such a level that when artists leave they will be eager to paint non stop when they return to their homes or own studios. Last week was one of those weeks where every day was magical. So much so that I have looked forward to my own quiet painting time this week to absorb and enjoy all the informatuion we accumulated. From exciting new washes, contrasting colour combinations and approaches with texture for a huge variety of subjects.  I painted everything from landscapes, architecture, animals including dogs,cockerels,ducklings. Then there were the beautiful florals and of course that gorgeous teddy bear.

I now look forward to my July 2012 Workshops which are all fully booked.

Next I will be planning my 2013 Workshop programme and I have had an offer of Barry White making a visit. Before anyone gets excited Barry is a tame cockerel who is happy to make an appearance, have his photograph taken and pose for an hour or two. We also have the offer of an owl coming in for a short period so my feathered workshops next year may be including an extra touch of magic.

I also know from this years experience where artists are getting stuck, lost or bored with their work so I will be addressing how to get that extra buzz out of creative sessions and maintain that feeling. I know everyone comes to me for an injection of positivity but we need to keep that injection working for at least six months after the sessions! And yes, I am considering running the personal Masterclass again as it proved to be so popular.

I will announce the new workshop dates in October 2013 and Christine who handles my bookings will be dealing with the requests for places.

My sessions have become highly sought after and I really do hate letting anyone down by not having enough space available. So I will try to arrange dates next year that do not conflict with my exhibitions and travelling. Everyone who has already been on one of my workshops will understand I only accept a limited number of artists in each days group so that everyone can see me demonstrate, hear me, recieve personal one on one time and thoroughly enjoy the day. I could easily double the number of artists booked in each group and that certainly would create more spaces but this is not how I teach. Filling a room to bursting capacity so that no one can see or hear or even have  personal discussions with me is not my idea of a brilliantly memorable painting day. I don't teach for any other reason than to share my passion for watercolour in the most exciting way possible and it is absolutely vital to me that everyone coming has a terrific time.

So please look out for my 2013 workshop dates and book as soon as possible when they are announced because places do disappear very quickly!

My best tip of the month?

Artists Tip : Don't stick to the same colours you know or the same products. Treat yourself to something new and work in the opposite shades to those you are comfortable with as this will stretch your imagination in a new way!

Most importantly?

Have fun and smile while you are creating!

Happy painting and try something new this week.


Demonstrations and book signing events

I will be demonstrating and book signing at Patchings in Notthingham this week and at the SWA,Society for Women Artists Annual 2012 Exhibition in London at the Mall Galleries. Full details will be shared on my web site and blog shortly.


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