Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge: Exhibition July 2012

West Highland White

Another busy week and I am preparing for my exhibition which opens at the Dogs in Art Gallery, Stockbridge, Hampshire, UK next week. Of course one would expect all the paintings in this collection to be our four legged friends, but no.Visitors to the gallery will be in for a fabulous surprise because there will be cockerels,owls,flowers and hare displayed in the show. In fact this is a luxury as all my favourite paintings of animals will be in one room with a hint of summer by the colourful flowers around them.

There will be a sense of vibrant colour ,tugs to the emotions, a chance to feel an artists involvement with her work and that sense of  passion for watercolour as a medium in each piece.

I deliver the last of my paintings on Friday and then the collection will be hung ready for opening next week. Its' going to be a really unqiue and fantastic exhibition.

Full details will be on my web site shortly

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