Thursday, 28 June 2012

SWA Exhibition 2012 and Demonstration

SWA Annual Exhibition 2011

Yesterday I attended the Private Preview of the SWA Annual Exhibition 2012 and as a council member was presented to Princess Micheal of Kent who is the Patron of the Society.

I arrived at the gallery early so that I could enjoy the exhibition before the venue became too crowded but I met so many wonderful friends continually that my initial mission became impossible. Every single time I turned around there was an artist I hadn't seen for some time, or a council member who I was thrilled to talk to about the event. In many ways it is like walking into an annual family reunion and I feel very privileged to have such wonderful colleagues in my life.

I will confess when I first walked into the exhibition I couldn't help but feel a vast difference from last years event which was full of vibrant colour and a vast variety of subject matter. The Mall Galleries seems to have taken on a more contemporary feel this year which is fresh and new so it will be interesting to see how regular visitors feel when they see the show over the next two weeks..

I was delighted to see my horse racing scene immediately by the entrance with the race heading straight into the gallery and this painting sold in the opening hours of the exhibition. It is almost opposite the book section of the gallery where my new book is on display and for sale. I did mean to sign a few copies to leave at the gallery but time flew and I continually kept meeting friends I hadn't seen for months so I easily became distracted!

But I will be back next week demonstrating on Thursday 5th July and I hope to have more rime to enjoy the exhibition and see if my second impression of the show without the crowds is the same.

I met a few disappointed visitors as there was no Jean Haines cockerel this year and they had discovered my only painting in the show had already sold. I do have some wonderful exhibitions coming up with both subjects available so please check my web site for details. Cockerels will be in my next exhibition at the Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge and there are some amazing horse racing paintings  in the Lyndhurst Gallery Summer Show in August. You can always contact either of the galleries in advance for full details and let them know of  your specifici interests as they will be only too pleased to help you.


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