Monday, 11 June 2012

Atmospheric Watercolour Workshops: Boat

Boat demonstration from one of this years workshops.
Five minute Study

On my watercolour workshop sessions I take time  to work individually with each attending artist so that we can look at  their favourite subjects and ways on how to approach painting them. I paint every single subject so this part of the session can lead absolutely anywhere!

In one of my recent session a wonderful artist had brought in a photograph of a boat they wished to paint. The photograph had very little information and yet held a lot of magic as a possible subject for a painting.

I never see things as they are or paint things excatly as I see them. Instead I look for more interesting ways to use colour to bring a scene to life. In my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" I explain why I do this and how life as an artist is far more fun this way.

I always feel alive and exhilarated from my painting sessions and aim to  make sure everyone I know who paints gets this much pleasure from moving their brushes.

I have shared this image so that the artist can see how I moved on with other ideas. I love Cadmium Yellow, added here for sunlight although there was none in the original scene. And if you were on my workshop you will see how I have made a few nore changes in the background and foreground. I prefer this "feel" as it is more atmospheric than the real scene.

I hope you like it!

The same scene before I built up the atsmosphere and added warmth.
Five minute study
Stage 1.


Mick Carney said...

Impressive the way that the addition of the warmth lifts the picture. Thoroughly enjoying the new book and beginning to understand some of the ideas that inform your work. Thanks of the insight into your practice.

Fernando Pena said...

five magic minutes, saludos

tomorrowletterslices said...

Am absolutely enthralled by your new book - thank you!