Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Atmospheric Watercolour Book Reviews,Thank you.

"Atmospheric Watercolours"
launched in May 2012

For me, one of the strongest ways of discovering how just words alone over a computer screen can touch you and effect you is to read a book review. These are three of the book reviews on the site selling my new book. Imagine if you had written this book, read each review and imagine how I am feeling if you can. Touched, emotional, humble and almost tearful because I wanted so desperately to inspire others to enjoy working in watercolour as much as I do. That is my goal with this book and nothing more. Fame can be with other more deserving artists. I want to be behind making brushwork sheer joy and incredible results reachable.  And I want to see other artists reaching their own dreams.

These are a few of the book reviews for you to imagine being the author of my book and reading.


If you could have only one book on watercolour then this has to be THE ONE.
It is by far the most exciting new book on the market. Written and illustrated in a
simple clear way; it is an explosion of colour - page after page to delight and inspire.
Whether you are just starting out on the watercolour journey, need a bit of encouragement or just a little "me" time, it is all here at your fingertips, to dip into, any place, anytime.


This book only arrived this morning and I have only had a chance to quickly flick through it but I can hear the author talking the words to me as I am reading them - The book is Jean - it is an honest and transparent view of how she thinks, how she paints, and how she inspires with no holds barred. The quotes are inspirational and very mindful.

No painting book can be the same from now on - this book sets a new bar for artists who write books where quite often 'a miracle' happens in their demos between the penultimate and the final picture of a painting which they call a 'few finishing touches'!

This book emanates inspiration and invokes an 'I can do it' response! Brilliant.


Artful Dodger
I am a great admirer of Jean Haines' work and her talent as a writer. I have reviewed her "How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" in which I have mentioned this one (and her DVDs). This one in hardback is beautiful, and her other one "How to -" is, although a mere soft cover, beautiful. They are inspirational and exciting books. See my review on "How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour." If you want to be challenged again, if you want to get excited about watercolour again, if you want inspiration again, consider getting one or both of these books, or one or all of her DVDs.


Thank you so much to the wonderful readers who have taken time to leave such glowing and encouraging reviews. Writing alone in an art studio, taking time out of your life  to fulfil a desire to share all you know and love is an experience I wouldn't have missed for the world. So to read book reviews that let you know that time in your life was definitely well spent is a feeling I honestly can't put into words. But maybe you can step into my shoes and understand on this occasion.

If you would like to read all of the reviews or even add your own please follow this link.

Thank you so much


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Mick Carney said...

There is no doubt that you are deserving of the hugely positive response that your book has generated. It is first rate and I'm sure it will release a great deal of experimentation in your readers, it has certainly made me try out new techniques and reinvigorated my interest in painting. Thank you and keep up the good work. Maybe one day I'll be able to acquire one of your lovely works.