Friday, 22 June 2012


A really moody rooster appearing in my latest series of cockerels and hens.
For  an exciting new collection of watercolours.

It occured to me this week that I shouldn't be on Facebook or Twitter and I definitely should not be writing this blog. I should completely leave the computer alone. Not because I don't enjoy sharing. In fact it is really the opposite. I adore  coming here each time I am free to  share my latest watercolour or the pleasure I have had from creating.

But there is a problem that worries me. I don't always have time to reply. On facebook I have many friends and if I  responded to each of their posts I would never have time to paint. But it really feels so rude not to!

As for Twitter,if I shared every single thing that happened to me daily everyone would get bored of reading my posts and wonder how on earth I fitted everything in. Today has been typical and I am sitting here wondering how I pulled everything off.

On my blog I read wonderful comments and I have great intentions of spending a few minutes replying but if I did then I wouldn't have time to make the post I came online for.

I remember years ago a member of an art web site continually complaining about a professional artist who only ever shared their own work but never replied to anyone else. I don't think they had a clue how busy life for that professional was. So to share at all was pretty much a miracle.

 I am in that situation. I can share when I have time or I could opt for not sharing at all online. But I would miss being online far too much. And the amazing  new friends I am making continually.

I think the best way forward is to make a huge apology and  say I really am very sorry if I don't always reply here on on my other sites such as Facebook. I really am a very nice person and I am kind to a fault. But the time I have online is so limited so please forgive me!

 I will continue to share and I will hopefully be raising smiles when I do. And hopefully inspiring everyone who needs a push now and then to move their own brushes.

Please forgive me though if I fly in and out at times,
Thats all I seem to do at the moment!


I have three new exhibitions coming up and I will be sharing full details on my blog and web site very soon.

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