Monday, 29 July 2013

All About Roses

Rose Study
Painting in the Garden

Following last weeks workshops I am now desperately trying to catch up in my studio. I still have to finalise the 2014 watercolour workshop programme and I have a meeting with my publisher in August. I am really looking forward to sharing my new paintings, step by steps and ideas for my new book.

Yesterday I visited a gorgeous garden centre and found myself studying an amazing variety of roses. I was lost in a sea of colour and perfume. Even though my painting time is limited today I couldn't resist starting a small rose study from my garden. Just a few minutes to play with colour and water, looking for the shape of the rose against the dark foliage it was nestling in. This is my idea of heaven, painting what I want when I want to!

I am very aware that the flowers in my garden have a limited life.  If I want to paint them outside I need to do it now in the summer months while I can. Making the most of each ray of sunshine and daylight painting time.

This could be a week full of rose paintings!


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