Sunday, 28 July 2013

Poetry in Motion : Rose

Workshop Demonstration 2013
Pure watercolour only

It has been yet another incredible week as I have held the last of my UK Summer workshops for 2013. Each day I met fantastic groups of artists and there were many moments where as the mentor I had to leave the room silently, just to soak in the incredible atmosphere which was fantastic. There were happy tears at times as artist reached goals for the first time or found a level of enthusiasm that had been missing from their art lives until now. This was indeed a very special week.

I show my passion for watercolour through my workshops mainly to share not only my joy for working in this magical medium but also to encourage artists of all levels to discover the pleasure I feel when moving my brushes. I cannot describe this fabulous "high" when pigments flow across paper. But I do believe everyone of us that works with colour is privileged in so many ways. 

I am now going to work on my new book quietly throughout the rest of the Summer, it is beginning to take shape and look fantastic. Each chapter is like a Chistmas gift waiting to be unwrapped by the reader and I am hoping to give as many "gifts" away in it of step by steps and tips. Writing it is making me feel even more enthusiastic than I do already about painting in watercolour. Something that I thought would be impossible!

I am now reading  touching emails from some of the artists who attended my workshops last week thanking me fo rthe sessions. If you are reading this Sue, I loved your comment about "watching me work is like watching poetry in motion". What a fabulous compliment and thank you so very much.

Thank you to all the artists who have attended my sessions  this year. The 2014 workshop programe will be sent by email to everyone on my contact list at some point in September or October. Please book early when it arrives as there are some  really exciting sessions planned for next year.

I will be sharing details of my 2014 International Workshops later too.


For full information about my 2014 workshops please email me on

If you belong to an Art Society and wish to book a workshop in USA or Australia please contact me directly for full information as I am now planning my 2015 tour.

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