Saturday, 6 July 2013

New Greeting Cards : Kingfisher Blue

Kingfisher Blue

Dogs in Art Gallery
Summer Sensations
Solo Exhibition 
Opening July 13th, 2013

There will be a fabulous new collection of greeting cards exclusively selected for my solo exhibition at the Dogs in Art gallery in Stockbridge. I will be sharing the new designs throughout this week on my blog and explaining why I chose each painting for the limited card collection.

Kingfisher Blue, above was such a fabulous painting to work on. It is one of those paintings that carried a wonderfully magical feel about it. I live by water so I see a Kingfisher here almost daily and it has the most stunning colouring. Quite often when you walk alongside the canal near our home you will see a glimpse of turquoise. If the bird settles you can be lucky enough to observe its beauty. But these birds are so quick!  The colouring and movemnt suits my style and technique so I fell in love immeditaley with what I had seen as a new subject to paint. The watercolour above is intended to give the illusion of the kingfisher just settling onto a twig or it could be about to take flight.

Unfortunately my photograph does not do the colouring justice so an early visit to the gallery to see this piece is advised.

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