Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Atmospheric Watercolours Workshop

Elephant emerging from a first wash
Workshop Demonstration 2013

This week I have  watercolour workshops taking place in Hampshire, U.K. Today was the first session with the theme of "Atmospheric Watercolours", following my latest book of the same name. I look forward to these events as much as artists attending them. We covered so many subjects throughout the day but my favourite had to be the closing demonstration of an elephant.The atmosphere in the room at this point was wonderful and despite the intense Summer heat we all had such a great time.

I feel so privileged when I take these workshops as I get to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. I reunite with old friends who may have attended my workshops in the past and  I also make new friends of the future. People who, like me, are fascinated in the magical medium we know as watercolour. In my  workshop today was an artist from Sweden, this year alone has seen artists from Iceland,Vietnam, Thailand, France, Italy, USA, Canada and Croatia.

There are times in each session where I feel like celebrating, when an artist achieves a new high or reaches a new personal goal.  And I love hearing when artists who have come to me gain places in exhibitions, sell their first paintings or win competitions. Each year the feeling of elation from a great workshop day never fades, but in fact grows even stronger.

How lucky we are to be able to share a passion as we do, because even now if you are reading my blog post I am connecting with you,where ever in the world you happen to be. Tomorrow I take a new session specifically aimed at capturing summer subjects.

 It is going to be a very exciting week!


My International Workshops are fully booked this year and the waiting lists have all been closed. But there are still a few places avilable in Mexico this November, please contact me on jeanhaines@hotmail.com if you would like details.

2014 Workshop information will be released later this year.



Antonio Sánchez Serrano said...

Unas manchas que lo dicen todo. Me gustan. Enhorabuena.

Diana said...

so inspiring Jean, wish I could take one of your classes. I just got your book Atmospheric Watercolors. It's fabulous.. I love it and am studying it!! love to you,Diana