Friday, 12 July 2013

Taking Time to Smell the Roses

Rose  painted from my garden this morning.
Work in progress

Life is busy, as always. The more I do the more I seem to have to do. I open emails constantly and read wonderful invitations where my brain screams at me to say "no" but my heart yells say "Yes"! And I always without fail follow my heart. It hasn't led me in any wrong directions so far so I will keep listening to it!

However the problem, with being so busy, is that the artist who used to wander around her garden and sit to paint flowers as they appeared seems to have been forgotten. Which is why this morning I remembered her and her passion for painting roses. I sat quietly by a favourite rose in our garden and painted it. I listened to bird song, I absorbed its heady perfume in the sunlight and I allowed pigment to bring it to life on my paper using very gentle brush strokes.

If you can't enjoy painting roses when they are in bloom when can you?

Please take time, just for you, to paint what you like when you feel like it. Let the roller coaster of life wait for you for a change and put  the "u" back in "you"!

I did today and I feel fantastic!


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