Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Beach Boy On My Easel

"Beach boy" coming to life with further detail and the background added
Copyright: Jean Haines

Days like these I absolutely love. I woke early because I couldn't sleep last night for thinking of exciting paintings in my studio that have been playing on my mind. Yesterday I left the little beach boy on my easel. Walking away from it last night was very difficult but I knew I was tired and needed to leave it for fresh "Morning Eyes". I walked into my studio eagerly this morning really looking forward to seeing how this child looked in the paintings developing stage. He has sunlight on his hair and he does look as though he is playing in sunshine. I am thrilled.

Now I have a decision to make. I can add a little car in his hand which is what he really was playing with on the beach or I can let my artists imagination take over. I love the thought that he could be tossing sand in the air and I have already hinted at this happening with my background wash. I have left room for a sandcastle by his side but love the empty space  to the right of the figure. This section leads my viewers imagination into what is happening there.

This piece is so very nearly finished but when paintings are so enjoyable to work on as artists we often tend to overwork. Mainly by not putting our brushes down soon enough. I walk around my own workshops telling artists on my courses that their painting is finished on many occasions. This piece is nearly at that point!

I'm going toleave it at this stage and let the painting tell me what it needs.

Artists tip of the day; Don't be in a race to finish a painting. Enjoy very stage in its development!


Copyright Information.

While I am  over the moon to inspire, please respect copyright laws.  Always aim to create your own original work. Certainly learn from techniques of other artists who you admire but avoid copying their work directly. Most importantly please only sell work that is you know is your own. Due to the internet, word soons gets around if work has been copied and it is your own reputation you risk ruining, by getting a bad name. So please be very careful!

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