Monday, 1 July 2013

Beach Boys :Children in Watercolour

 Face appearing in first stage of a child in watercolour

I love Summer! I have childhood memories of being covered up on the beach due to my skin being so fair, having an overly protective Step Mum who always worried I would get terrible sunburn. In England now we see the sunshine so rarely that it is almost impossible to get sunburnt at all!

I have fabulous Summer workshops approaching this month and a Summer exhibition which has set my mind racing on all the  terrific subjects I could be painting that remind me of Summer. Nothing makes me feel more like the sunshine season than beach scenes. Especially children on beaches.  I have a favourite resource photograph of a little boy on a beach in Hong Kong. He was wrapped up as the sun had decided to hide that day. He reminded me of the days when I spent ages making sandcastles or excitedly looked for treasure on sandy Welsh beaches where I spent my childhood.

I have this painting started with the childs' head and worked away to the clothing. His little hand will be grabbing sand to release it between his fingers. I can remember that feeling and loving it as a child. I wonder how many memories this will bring for viewers of the finished painting ? So many artists have asked to see this particular subject from me again, so I thought I would  revisit a favourite painting. To see how far I have come in my own art journey by painting it again. I have always loved painting children and portraits so this is a lovely return "home"!

Working away from my starting point to the clothing of a child on the beach.

I am currently working on my new book which will contain so many exciting subjects. Each day is like Christmas as more and more ideas pour into it.  Being an artist is really exciting and at times makes me feel very youthful! 

I can't wait to continue on this piece.


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