Monday, 15 July 2013

Poppies Galore!

Poppies on my Easel from a painting session in my garden

The weather is glorious and it is a perfect time of year to take my watercolours into the garden to capture colour in natural sunlight. Near the woodland section of our cottage garden there is a mass of red poppies growing wildly, where they have self seeded. They made a fabulous display of red flower heads softly swaying in what little breeze there was over the weekend.

I literally sat  with a few small pieces of paper and painted what I saw, exploring flower shapes as the breeze forced transparent petals to dance this way and that, changing direction frequently.  Studying from nature and NOT photographs is the best way to improve as an artist as your eyes are constantly searching for true colour and shape interaction. 

If you can, get outsde and paint from life as often as possible. The rewards are endless.

For now this is the end of this blog post as I am going out into my garden to paint again!

Happy Painting!

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