Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Anenome in Watercolour 2013

Anenome make beautiful subjects.

 This week I have some gorgeous anenome flowers which are begging to be painted.  Observing their petals, form and texture really has tempted my paint brushes this week. The above image is one of the red flowers in my mixed bouquet and I also have a beautiful purple blooms as well. I must admit these flowers were not at their best when they arrived in my cottage so the only way to make them last longer is to paint them.

I have started creating a composition with some simple watery shapes to  capture the bowl shape of each flower. Next I will add the dark centres and green stems. Artists on my workshops know I rarely stay with one red pigment so this effect has been created by several shades from the red section of my palette. Alizarin Crimson is my favourite for pigment interaction and for allowing me to gain watermarks which represent light hitting sections of each petal

 Petal shapes for a floral composition of anenome.

 At the moment, these floral shapes are at the top of a beautiful new white piece of paper, leaving space for the stems to be added at a later stage. There is a beautiful atmosphere in my studio whilst I am working on these gorgeous flowers. One of relaxation and peace. Just what every artist needs!

Anenome waiting for the centres and stems to be added in the next stage of this  flower painting.


N.B. By the way I rarely demonstrate these gorgeous flowers in workshops as I find their name quite a tounge twister to say! 

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