Tuesday, 3 December 2013

It May Be Winter Outside ( But in my heart its Spring )

Spring Collection .

It may be Winter outside but in my heart it is definitely Spring. I decided to work on my Spring 2014 collection today so my easel is full of wonderfully exciting Spring flowers in watercolour. I have new green pigments that I am exploring and thrilling new techniques, which have evolved over the last few months. It really is fascinating working in watercolour because you can never become tired of the medium. Each time you pick up your brush something new happens which takes your breath away. I am also aware that I haven't a single painting of primroses or daffodils in my cottage because each year that I exhibit them these cheerful subjects sell out.

Looking outside my studio window at  cold winter weather is not a problem with these gorgeous  creations coming to life inside.

I am loving painting and being back where I belong.
In my studio!


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