Monday, 16 December 2013

Robins in Watercolour

Christmas Card 2012
Original painting  (Sold )

Christmas Inspiration

It is wonderful at this time of year to enjoy recieving Christmas Cards from friends.  Snowy landscapes, angels, Santas and of course my favourite robins are finding their way through my letter box  in beautiful card designs. the above painting was one of my previous Christmas card designs.

I have been watching the birds on the bird feeder in my cottage garden and having looked through my files found various stages of robin paintings which I thought could be fun to share on my blog.

I have started with the eye for the below painting and built the robin up by working away from its 'face. Softly and gradually building up colour in sections where I enjoyed the results of my first brush strokes.

 Early robin stages in watercolour 

Building up colour.

Christmas is a wonderful time to take a break from painting and enjoy family life. But it is also a fantastic time to recharge your mental batteries and gain inspiration for paintings in the New Year. So please enjoy every sngle part of the season and observe beauty in every way that you can from Christmas decorations to wildlife and nature around you. 

 Enjoy the  exciting seasonal colours and subject of life!

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