Monday, 23 December 2013

Shocks, The Rescue Donkey

"Shocks", the rescue donkey on my easel 
Christmas 2013

"Shocks"  won Rescue Animal of the Year Award 2013

Having surgery just before Christmas and being unable to walk or drive was no fun but I am back on my feet now and desperately trying to catch up. I am ready for Christmas but my email inbox is full and I will be replying  as soon as I can, next week, after the holiday season.

I am sat in the warmth of my studio typing in comfort whilst listening to a storm raging outside. I have so much to celebrate this year and feel so blessed. Next year is already looking so exciting with so much news to share that I will need to write individual blog posts.

But for now I thought you might like to meet "Shocks" who won the Rescue Animal of the Year Award 2013. You can read his story on the Birmingham Donkey Sanctuary web site via this link.

I loved painting him and I thought of the donkey in the Christmas story while I worked.

I hope you like him!

For now have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!

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