Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

What an incredible year 2013 has been and I am sitting here already looking forward to 2014. My Christmas wasn't what I expected as we were hit by the recent storms in UK and had to vacate our cottage early morning on Christmas Eve. Having said that the days that followed gave me time to reflect on how lucky I am in my life. We moved to a hotel where many could not. Temperatures dropped severely and I thought of the homeless across the world. When we have so much it is far too easy to often forget about those who do not. So my New Years Eve resolutions involve helping others in any way possible throughout the year, more so than in 2013.

Many of my friends know that I broke my ankle badly whilst taking workshops in Australia, going from a wheelchair to crutches and finally having the last surgery to fully recover has taught me to appreciate my health. And empathise with those who live with disabilities permanently. I'm not the same person leaving 2013 as the artist who leapt eagerly into it and that's a good thing.  I'm having such a great life in so many ways that feeling humbled has helped my spirit grow in a positive direction .

I have so much to share, so much to look forward to and so many to thank for making my 2013 so fantastically exciting. Over the last few days I have read touching emails from people who have received copies of my latest book as Christmas gifts.  Comments that have touched my heart in a way that I am now determined to make my next book inspirational on many levels. I am loving writing it so promise to put my "all" into it!

On my 2013 international workshops I have met wonderful Australians, fantastic artists from USA and Mexico. Each country has welcomed me with open arms and eagerly invited me back. Thank you to everyone all over the world who has shown so much support and enthusiasm for my way with watercolour .

In 2014 I will complete my new book, hold workshops in Italy, Sydney, Tasmania and Adelaide for the first time and run my fully booked UK courses. I will delightedly be a Celebrity Guest Artist at Patchings Art Festival and I will have several features published in the Artist Magazine. I have also accepted invitations to hold solo exhibitions in established art galleries.

My wish for everyone is that in the New Year you see all your dreams come true no matter what size they are. I wish you a year full of colour, brush strokes full of passion and the  joy found in creating as I feel each time I paint.



Tomas said...

I just came across your website and I love your work! All the best in 2014!

Introverted Art said...

this is just stunning!