Monday, 23 December 2013

Happy Christmas from Bailey 2013!

 Bailey in his antlers 
Christmas 2013

Many artists attending my workshops this year have met my loveable nutcase of a dog, Bailey who is a Bearded Collie. Today he went to the groomers and I thought it would be terrific to get a new Christmas photo of him as soon as he got home. But unfortunately he had other plans and ruined his beautiful groomed look before I even had a chance! Here are the two new photos that I took this morning. One in antlers, one in a Santa hat.

After the first shot with the antlers, above,  I looked for a Santa hat for a second pose. Sadly for me in between photos Bailey happily emersed his face in his huge water bowl so he looks "drippy" in the image below!  He proves life isn't perfect and its' more fun when it isn't!

 The Santa hat pose! 2013

 My husband has booked Bailey into the groomers just before my first UK workshops in 2014 so hopefully  he will be seen then in a prettier state! 

And for those of you who have not seen Bailey when he was younger, and easier to keep clean, here  he is in his antlers the first year he had them!


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