Monday, 2 December 2013

Hospital Again! December 2013

Broken Ankle Surgery 
April 2013

Last week I had surgery to remove the metal work in my ankle following my accident in Australia earlier this year. I must admit I knew this needed to happen as I had postponed my hospital visit until after my USA and Mexico Tour. I know in some cases the metal work can be left in after this kind of fall. Unfortunately in my case that wasn't to be, so last Thursday saw me make my way to a hospital in UK for the final stage of the healing process.

This is where I have to admit I was fairly relaxed at the time because I  believed the process would be simple, painless and easy. To be fair it was simple!  It took until Saturday morning for me to fully take in that I would need a few weeks to recover fully and get back on my feet again so for now I am resting at home and, for once this year, actually taking it easy. Very unusual for me and also very difficult as it isn't in my nature to sit still for long.

But I do have lots of exciting news to share so hope to catch up on my blog gradually!



Lynn Norton said...

Sorry you are back in hospital again. You have my sympathy - I've been laid up a few times after operations on my feet, then I broke my ankle the following year.... Still have pins in from the first sessions. As I knew I was going to be in hospital for the ops, I borrowed good art books from the library and did research whilst sitting in bed in the ward. Better than watching day-time TV! Hope you recover soon.

Barbra Joan said...

Sending you a get well wish.
It takes time.. but you 'll get there... said...

Get better soon, Jean!