Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Christmas Story : Donkey

Donkey coming to life in the early stages of a first wash

At this time of year it is so easy to get completely involved in Christmas. There are get togethers to organise, gifts for loved ones to buy and of course food shopping where we plan "feasts" for the special few days that we celebrate this time of year.

It has been a week that has seen me  fly with happiness over good news and then crash suddenly over hearing sad news. Realising it is too late to get the card back that I had sent to a friend who has just lost her husband. How she will feel opening an envelope addressed "Mr and Mrs"  I cannot imagine.

Then this afternoon I sat writing my own personal family cards and, as always, I wrote one to my husband. A man who has cared for me since we met in a way that I am so grateful for. I am so lucky to be wrapped in the safety and warmth of his love.

I have watched commercials on television advertising gifts and Christmas dinners that I know many people in the world will not be able to afford. And I can't help think of those who will be spending Christmas alone. 

I remember being told as a child  that it is not what you recieve but what you give in life that is so important. When I was asked this year what I would like for Christmas I know it isn't anything that money can buy. I would like peace in the world.  I would love to hear that all children are loved and wanted. I wish that all animals on this planet could be safe from extinction and unharmed. I would love everyone to experience the happiness that I have in my life.  My wishes are impossible I know.

As a tiny girl I always wanted to hear the Christmas story. I marvelled at the gifts given at the manger and I loved the part about the poor little shepherd boy whose gift could not compare with that of the wise men. Gold for me is the love in our hearts and I have met many people this year who truly are rich for that reason.

 I miss the woman who gave me so much sound advise as a child. My stepmother who passed away some time ago. And I do miss my closest friend who is probably driving everyone nuts upstairs in heaven with her cheerfulness. But I am buying them each a gift this year by donations to several charities and there are so many to choose from.

For Pauline I am going to donate to the Birmingham Donkey Sanctuary, because she has two adorable grandchildren that she has never seen and she always made me smile.

And I will be buying a few other gifts for my friends who are no longer with us by choosing other charities also. This is my way of remembering very special people who have enriched my life in so many ways.

Please don't get so lost in the season that you forget about the meaning behind Christmas. 

We can all make a difference no matter how small it is!


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