Sunday, 19 March 2017

Centre of Attention

"Centre of Attention"
Daffodils in watercolour, work in progress

Sunday Thoughts 

I have been catching up in my studio. Painting for the galleries who represent me, I have two upcoming exhibitions and an exciting new art project which I have already started creating for. I am testing several new watercolour products from companies who have been in touch with me and I am honoured to be judging art events and competitions. I have magazine features with deadlines looming that have to be met. Plus many email messages yet to reply to since my travels. Life is full, as always.

I sat quietly painting in my studio this morning listening to bird song outside and I have had time to reflect on the last few months which saw me travelling to teach fully booked workshops in New Orleans, Arizona and Florida . I am still trying to take in that there were record breaking waiting lists of artists wishing to get on my courses in each destination. In fact one location has at present fifty two artists signed up and wanting me to return as soon as possible. One of my workshop locations sold out of places within one hour of advertising my events. Another location I heard even received attempted bribes to even get on my course.

I am over whelmed, touched and very grateful that my courses are so popular and enjoyed so much.

Now I am reading many emails from artists who attended this years Spring courses letting me know they are achieving great results from practising what they learned from me and they love adding their own ideas to my way of working. It is even more heart warmimg reading that artists have won prizes, gained signatures, got into galleries and sold work which they feel happened because I inspired them either by my books, DVDs or watercolour workshops.

I am opening emails from other leading International Art Societies and Art Centers inviting me to teach at their venues and I would love to, if and when time allows.

But as I painted the daffodil centres today, seen above in a first yellow wash, I realised I have accidentally become almost a " centre of attention" via my teaching somehow. And all I really want to do is paint.  I love painting. I am passionate about watercolour and my own dreams have long since come true. So I am devoting my time now to helping others dreams come true. Which is why teaching is so important as a huge part of my life. I never walk into a venue armed with many paintings to sell. I attend workshops and presentations purely to teach and inspire. Selling is not my goal as the galleries who represent me already sell my original art.    

I look back at meeting artists who have travelled to my courses over the years and the very warm greetings they give me, Many see me as a friend they know from connecting via my writing and my art. I feel very loved. Very wanted. And very happy.

Which is why right now I am working on my next years teaching programme. I have decided 2018 is going to be my best workshop year ever.  Leading into it from this years fall classes which are already fully booked. The excitement will be high in Florida and New Orleans. So to everyone who has already signed up for next year. Please be prepared to become as addicted to painting as I am.

Centre of attention?

Definitely not.

Happy to help shine the limelight of attention on everyone else?

Yes that's me!

Heres' to a great year ahead painting with another exciting one to follow.

Happy painting!


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