Friday, 24 March 2017

Spring Collection 2018

 Spring Inspiration from my cottage garden

I am working on a new collection of watercolours inspired from my cottage garden. So many gorgeous flowers are blooming at the moment that it is impossible to not want to paint them. And after travelling for so long, the luxury of being able to paint when I want to without the thought of packing,unpacking and racing to each new teaching location is pretty fantastic!

I have been juggling so much but now it is time for me to paint, alone in my studio gaining new ideas for techniques and on collections for the galleries who represent me.

Above and below is today's collection of new artwork. The paintings, as works in progress show how my mind leaps from one study in watercolour to the next. I am absolutely thrilled by what is appearing on my paper and each new piece leads me to want to paint another. My heart is literally singing with happiness as one colour after the next flows across each new composition adding rich energy or a sense of Spring freshness. Oh how I love this time of year  which is why I always, without fail, head for home in March and April. To enjoy the spring flowers in the lovely light here in UK at this time of year.

Below are two daffodils washes, just waiting for the finishing touches to be added.

 Two first washes of daffodils and narcissus.  And a small posy.
Works in progress.

 Below is my favourite wash of narcissus. The petals are so thin you feel as though you can touch their silky softness.

"Silk and Satin"
Narcissus in watercolour

When I am happy my watercolours simply flow and I really am so very content, enjoying private time in my studio. I have a busy time ahead. I will explain why in another blog post but for now, I am just enjoying creating with the gift of brushwork that brings joy to my soul.

How wonderful to be an artist in Spring, who adores painting flowers so much!


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