Monday, 20 March 2017

Exhibitions 2018

 "Dare To Win"
Please note: This painting is strictly copyright of Jean Haines

I am now working for several upcoming exhbitions and having a terrific time in doing so.  I have been asked by  several leading galleries for new work including my popular horse racing scenes. Today was the first day I started working on an exciting new collection.

I have to admit. I rarely show my gallery work online. I keep this side of my art career quite seperate to my teaching, workshops and my posts on social media.


I am aware that as a teaching artist , beginners in watercolour who  follow me can easily get confused and assume that everything I share online is available to be copied. And of course it isn't. Which is why I put the words " Strictly copyright " underneath any paintings I share online that I don't wish to see copied. Like the above scene. The sense of speed in this new piece is wonderful and I felt excited while creating it. I wanted to ride. And badly! I now cannot wait to continue with my new series which will be seen in galleries and at Cheltenham.

To view my exhibition work please see my web site.

I become so involved when I close myself off in my studio painting new collections that coming up for air now and then seems almost impossible.

I seem to always live in a state of not being able to wait until tomorrow comes and isn't that fantastic!

The word " bored" is not in my dictionary!



Leona said...

what a beautiful life :)

soulpixie said...

Recently discovered your work which is stunning and bought your book Atmospheric watercolours. I aspire to your loose style and am finding your book truly inspirational on all levels. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us all.