Monday, 13 March 2017

Daniel Smith Fabulous New Colour Watercolor Shades !

" Springing to Life"

Before I went on my recent USA tour I was made aware of the new Daniel Smith Watercolour shades but I hadn't had time to play with them fully before my flight to my first tour destination. Once there I had a great time playing and experimenting with the new colours from Daniel Smith..

But on my return home I couldn't resist trying a particular colour out, and this afternoon whilst painting daffodils I discovered that the new " Lavender " shade by Daniel Smith is absolutely perfect for adding shadows to my floral work. It contrasts fantastically with the yellow and orange shades in the narcissi seen above. Because it is opaque it gives a superb effect underneath the trumpet of each flower in this new work in progress.

I intend to share my excitement over these new colours as soon as possible on my blog. If you haven't already discovered this new collection of gorgeous colours don't be left out. They actually sold out very quickly in the last art store I was teaching in , in Florida and to be honest I am already addicted to them.

More news on these gorgeous new colours later.

But below you can see the tube of colour I used. Its' a beautiful addition to my already over flowing palette of inspirational shades!

The new lavender shade by Daniel Smith works perfectly for adding shadows to soft florals and its great for the petal tips too!



Billie Crain said...

Lovely shade! May I ask which shade of orange you used for your daffs?

Sue said...

Welcome home! So pleased you had such a wonderful time. Thank goodness you didn't get caught up in the terrible weather in the US at the moment. Have just ordered the 238 Daniel Smith dot cards. Having 'ummed and ahhed' for months (they're not cheap)I decided they would be the best and most cost effective way to try new colours without the risk of buying whole tubes which might not suit my needs. Itching to try them all out even if only as little sample swatches. Exciting! Now there are several new colours which won't be on the cards. I look forward to your observations.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Thank you for leaving comments. I love Daniel Smith watercolours. The centre of these flowers is simply Cadmium Orange, I find this classic colour perfect and have always used it every time spring comes around! I am still working my way with all the fabulous new shades and having a ball, more observations on them later!