Thursday, 30 March 2017

The Joy of Colour

A work in progress on my easel

At the moment I am playing with all sorts of ideas for new compositions and I am happily working on my new book. In between writing I am taking time out to simply paint spring flowers for the joy of it. I adore Spring each year as I always, without fail, feel so energised at this time of year. I feel like the advert in UK for the batteries that never run out as I keep going, minus stopping, from one exciting new painting idea to the next.

This is the very first Spring in UK for years that I have not been teaching workshops here. And for the first time in what seems like a lifetime I have time to paint for me, to follow my own dreams. Everyone knows I love teaching but I held so many workshops last year in England to try and accommodate the long waiting lists for places on them. But I didn't allow any free time for myself to paint and create  on a personal level. I need to desperately.

I believe to be great teachers we must put back in to our own artists' souls that unique time for exploration and trying something new. As well as time to improve what we already know. I hope everyone who follows me will understand my need for this long awaited teaching break. It is doing my creative soul the world of good as my work is beautifully flowing.Which means I will have more to eventually share in my future workshops.

Yesterday I had a fantastic meeting with my publishers who came to my cottage to discuss my new book. I am thrilled to say they are delighted with my paintings and ideas for it, as am I. It is going to be an absolutely stunning publication and it deserves my full attention.

But of course, I escape to paint every now and then, choosing subjects that are not always related to it. I have been given the most glorious Mums day bouquets last weekend and the tulips in one caught my eye. Hence the piece on my easel, seen above. This was simply a play piece. Not destined for sale or a book or an exhibition. Painting for fun frees the soul and releases a happy, positive energy.

And that is how I feel today.


More than happy, I feel ecstatic!

I have so much glorious news to share but that will be for another post. For now I want to paint.

Whatever you are doing today how about taking five minutes out just to paint for the sake of it. No pressure, just find the fun in watching colour flow across paper. Go on. I dare you!

And smile!

Have a great day.



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