Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The First

"The First Bee"

I have not yet been home  for a week since my recent tour of USA but I am already wandering around my cottage garden enjoying the first of the Spring flowers and seeing the first bee of the year as I have done so.
I love Spring. There's a magical energy about it. And I adore Spring flowers. I pick daffodils daily that have been blown or knocked over.These find their way into my home or my studio where I paint them. I must confess I am reluctant to pick flowers from my garden as I enjoy seeing them there. But nature seems to give me a nudge now and then and make me pick up the ones that have fallen over. I shared this daily routine the other day and someone mentioned they would pick their blown over flowers in honour of me. Well Gayle, this blog  post is in honour of you doing so!

I believe nature is the best art teacher and unless we get off our computers or away from our brushes from time to time we miss out on so much that is beautiful in life. So my artist tip of the day is to get out and find yourself something beautiful to paint, search for something that inspires you and draw that great connection into your work via your brushstrokes.

I wonder what I will be inspired by tomorrow? 
Who knows but it will be something that is terrific that's for sure!


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