Saturday, 18 March 2017

Spring Inspiration 2017 : My Studio

 Spring Bouquets 2017
My Easel this afternoon

I am happy. So very happy. I am home, back in our cottage after travelling and my garden is absolutely full of gorgeous daffodils just begging to be painted. As I am from Wales where they are the national flower, these bright yellow blooms have always been very dear to my heart. Over the years we have planted many varieties of these flowers in our garden and each Spring fills me with joy as they begin to appear, bringing sunshine to whatever the weather may be here in England. They brighten up a grey day for sure.

Today however is very special. I delivered some new art work to the Frame Gallery in Odiham and was delighted to see the owners expression as they saw, for the first time my 2017 daffodil paintings which will be framed and in the gallery from next week. The owner, Jan, loves my work so much. We have had a great relationship for such a long time. As I have with all the galleries who represent me as they patiently wait for my return to my studio when I am away.

I am now back and painting!

My favourite piece that I took in to the gallery today will be placed in the window, to welcome spring and the galleries many visitors and clients. As I left the gallery, I eagerly returned to my studio to work on new paintings. I knew exactly what they were going to be. More Spring flowers!

I had collected blooms that had been blown over by the wind this morning and so I started painting my new bouquet arrangements. But allowing my artists heart to make changes to the arrangement in each new painting.

 Flowers from my cottage garden, gathered this morning.

 We have white flowers with yellow  centres and some with bright orange trumpets which are also a joy to paint. As seen below in a first wash that breathes life and energy into my favourite new composition. 

Every new painting becomes my favourite painting!

 Favourite first wash of daffodils until the next new painting!

I feel energised , happy and glad to be alive. On days like this it is wonderful to paint from the soul. 
And thats' just what I am going to do next!

Paint from my soul

Happy painting. 



Dave said...

Beautiful painting, as always! Inspirational, also as always!

Bright Road said...

I am so at peace looking at Jean's paintings! Breathtaking.