Monday, 13 March 2017

I am back!

"Primrose Playtime"
Work in Progress

It seems like forever since I have posted on my blog due to my Spring 2017 USA tour which saw me teaching workshops in New Orleans, Tucson and Florida. All my workshops on this tour were not only sold out but they had long waiting lists in each location of artists still hoping to gain a place if cancellations occurred. At times like this , which I will share in another blog post I feel very overwhelmed and so very grateful that my work and art courses are enjoyed and wanted so much.
I owe a huge thank you to all the terrific hosts of my Spring 2017 tour courses and to all the fantastic artists who I met in each venue. It feels almost as if a party occurs on each session with the excitement building as the first day leads into the second day of my courses.

I will be sharing news of my 2018 workshops with full contact details on whom to get in touch with to book places for next year. So please follow and keep an eye on my blog for news updates.

As for me I am finally home in UK and I have so much I want to share that is inspirational. I will try and add a little each day here to catch up on my blog and also I need to apologise for my email message reply delay. The Internet connections while I have been travelling haven't always been great and I could only respond to a few messages at a time. With so much going on I am afraid that business contacts took priority but I should be catching up over the next two weeks with all my other messages, so please bear with me.

I am currently looking at my Fall 2018 tour programme and my 2019 schedule. So again I will be in touch with any art society or art group who have been in touch with me, giving news on what I can physically fit in. The nicest part about each trip is my being invited back to existing venues by my hosts and I am aiming to try to do so in time.

For now, jet lag is hitting me quite badly and there is a pile of unpacking and sorting out to do from my travels. I looked a huge amount of ironing this afternoon and then saw a clump of primroses in my garden which were begging my brushes to paint them. The primroses won, as seen in the very quick paly study above but I really should be good to my husband and iron his  clothes too. After all he was terrific on my tour helping me out so often!

I am back, I am eager to  tell you all about so many wonderful new things and I am ready to do so.


Watch this space!!


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