Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Grieg Study : Norway

Appearing from a first wash in  week one from my trip to Norway to hold watercolour workshops there.
No preliminary sketch.

When I arrived  in Norway I had time to tour Bergen for a few hours and saw so much that is really beautiful  and needs time to share in another blog entry. But I also came across an image of Grieg the composer. I was immediately drawn to his face which to me said so much about him. We both create.We both hold the deepest passion for what we  feel in our hearts which needs to be translated for others to  enjoy. I felt strongly connected and carried this small image around with me for the whole of my stay in Norway. I constantly looked at the stunning and beautiful scenery and could well imagine how it must have felt to work in such a setting.

The first weeks workshops flew by so quickly and covered many subjects.Because my style lends itself to painting anything at all everyone in each session could choose what they wanted to paint rather than be given a set subject.They were free to express themselves as each day I gave further demonstrations as to how I would start a certain subject or choose colour and brushstrokes.

By the end of week one I was dreading the moment when I would have to say goodbye to such wonderful people. I had enjoyed their company so much I truly wanted to give as much as I could before they left. The final day of my  workshops is one where artists usually paint freely and I advise on what they have learned during the week. But this time I spent the morning demonstrating to an enthusiastic audience. Demonstrating many subjects! We had three paintings of elephants on the go at one  part of the morning and completed. Even a troll appeared ! This was totally out of the blue but one of the class members created the most amazing trolls I just had to paint one as I never had before which had us all laughing at times. I asked if anyone would like to see me paint a portrait and Grieg was my model.

I painted him in very delicate monotone colours at first gently finding his features. At first his chin was not accurate but I have altered that section to make it as small as it really was. I was told he had big hair and was a tiny man. Small he may have been in appearance but the magic he created worldwide was  tremendous.

I adored painting him as I love working with portraits. I always have.

He brought my workshops to a close that to me will always be remembered.

A magical time with magical people.


I would like to add for anyone who was at my first workshop and knew about a member of the class I have received wonderful news.The very beautiful lady who was waiting for results has had them.Good news, she is fine! And I am so happy about this news I just had to share it with the world........

To this very special friend if you are reading my blog I am still so very happy and over the moon everything is  alright. Now keep that elephant and use it to direct you to keep your brushes moving! 
Huge hugs from me to you!



Johannes Baul said...

Congratulations for your wonderful watercolors, you are a master of painting

Roy The Artist said...

Sounds like a superbly successful trip, Jean. I am still on the 'Jean Haines' path even after my stray back to the pencil...! It has been consigned to a drawer now.