Friday, 27 August 2010

Very Private Preview: DVD

Portugal: Quick Study
Courtesy of Helen for the image to work from.

Yesterday two wonderful friends came to visit me for the day which started with a casual lunch followed by a private preview of my DVD. This was an unexpected part of the day as I hadn't  thought about whether to share it or not before they came. But I mentioned I had a rough edit and was encouraged to show it.

So following lunch three friends sat watching a TV screen as my demonstrations and exercises were watched for the first time by others. I was reminded of when the cover of my book was first launched. I was nervous then but here I am on view as well as my techniques. It is a very different experience to writing. The day the  DVD was filmed I was given an amount of time to screen each demonstration. When filiming you have no audience watching to react to what you are creating. It is just you and a camera. Actually many cameras zooming in from all directions! The studio was very hot and the lighting was not what I am used to. On top of this I needed to work flat for the camera to easily see what I was painting. I usually work at an angle.So in a way I felt all odds were against me to create something really fantastic. 

Whilst my friends watched the screen I very nervously watched their faces looking for hints of a reaction. They seemed so serious and quiet and then it hit me that they were enjoying the sections and taking in what I was describing. I felt very emotional as I studied their expressions. They liked it! My fears were unfounded and their feedback has been really helpful to me. I will STILL be nervous when my DVD becomes available and will probably want to hide for a few months! I can't describe why but as much as I teach constantly being on screen is not something I had ever considered before now.

It was such an unusual feeling to be on TV with friends in the room who have seen me painting on many occasions in reality and yet  they still seemed fascinated. They are however very wonderful friends and very special to me. I am so lucky to know such an amazing number of  people from all over the world with genuine hearts of gold who encourage,inspire and offer support in so many ways. Which is why I always want to give as much as I can in gratitude for all that is given to me.

Following the  DVD watching we all painted and as Helen had just returned from Portugal I did a small quick study from one of her photographs aiming to capture sunlight and a feeling of the beautiful little white buildings there. Which certainly made the room feel brighter as it was pouring with rain outside!

A memorable day and yet many of mine always seem to be that way lately!



Thank you so much Lindsay and Helen for a terrific day and evening yesterday!

Details of the DVD release will be available soon .



Jan Pope said...

I really love your work. It's as if you've picked up a few bottles of paint and poured out an image. I look forward to new images in your blog.

Cynnie said...

Wonderful quick study...and a DVD...this is great news!
Cynthia Schelzig

Lindsay said...

Hey Jean, I am still seeing those DVD images in my head, they were beautiful and I am so happy you made such a natural and yet fascinating film. It will be very popular, just you wait and see. I loved my day with you and Helen and the "viewing" was the icing on the cake. XX