Sunday, 8 August 2010

Leaving for Norway

All my bags are packed. I'm ready to go! Including a few extra books as the number of artists on the workshops in Norway has grown since my publisher kindly sent the original order over in preparation for my  trip which starst tomorrow. I can't wait to meet everyone . I leave at five in the morning and am looking forward to a boat trip after my flight  from UK to the island where I will be demonstrating. I have heard so many wonderful suggestions this week about where I am heading including the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights which would be yet another dream come true if this happened. I am going to meet some very wonderful artists there so I just know this will be a  brilliant opportunity and yes, I have received lots of emails from  artists who couldn't make it this year and will reply soon, promise!

I hate leaving my two dogs as my elderly Bearded Collie has been really poorly over the last few weeks but has now happily stabilised to the point where I feel safe to go. Today saw me grooming the pair of them under  a tree in the shade which was a wonderful way to take time out from packing.

I  have been unable to reply personally to many emails or messages but hope to catch up on my return. As  two exciting exhibitions are in the midst of discussion with amazing artists I really needed to devote some time to those and book signings which will take place in several locations. My diary is really exciting for this Autumn!

So if you have been following my blog or  my communication on Facebook  please bear with me while I am away as my sites will be  very quiet for a little while but I hope to share far more on my return,

Have a fantastic few weeks without me and God Bless!


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