Saturday, 28 August 2010

Watercolour Workshops 2010 /2011

 Watercolour Magic

Next week I  have watercolour workshops in Hampshire ,U.K.  Many artists will be attending over the week long period on seperate days and sessions. The popular "Watercolours With Life"  workshop starts on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by "Autumn Glory" on Thursday which is a special  workshop to celebrate the colours of Autumn.

I take so much to these workshops so setting up the venue in advance is always a favourite part of these events. Music for different moods and colour choices are what I listen to quietly in my studio leading up to the new sessions. Then the gorgeous treasure hunts begin while I constantly search for new and surprising subjects to paint.

I aim to make each  workshop as fantastic as possible to not only inspire during the classes but also motivate everyone who leaves to feel they can't wait to pick up their brushes as soon and as often as possible when they get home. I understand that a workshop is not about the demonstrator as much as what the artists attending get out of  it. How they enjoy the experience and how they can use the techniques in their own style when they return to their own  way of painting alone.

Next week is going to be so much fun and I really can't wait to get started. I also have a book signing on Thursday evening in Odiham so please come if you are near the area as I would love to see you there.

The Frame Gallery, Odiham, Hampshire, U.K.
Book Signing 2nd September, Thursday 2010
5.30-7.30. p.m.


Exciting 2011 Watercolour Workshops 

2011 Watercolour Workshops will be added to my web site at the end of September.These will take place in Hamsphire, UK in February, April and May. Places will be strictly limited for maximum enjoyment from all who attend. More details of each will be added soon. 

The February 2011 workshop will be a three day course starting with exercises  in working loose leading to  complete paintings. Intense but great fun! This is a special course that has been requested many times. 

I will take bookings on a first come first served basis. In the past I have recieved so many comments from  artists who have been so disappointed because they cannot get on my sessions due to their popularity. So please book early once the dates have been posted on my web site to ensure you get a place if you are interested.

Due to exhibitions and writing my time next year for workshops is really limited  so it really will be wise to book as soon as you can to ensure you can get in.



Cynnie said...

If I lived closer I´d definitely take part..........
Cynthia Schelzig

Roy The Artist said...

I really like the fact that you understand that Artists will incorporate your techniques into their own work, that is what is happening with me!