Friday, 20 August 2010

Norway Watercolour Workshops 2010

Magical Colours of Norway

I have only just returned from my watercolour workshops in Norway which took place over the last two weeks. Having so much to share and so many amazing images I realize the time it will take me to add to my blog will be great so I am going to add my experience gradually because it is such a magical  place.

From the minute I arrived to the sad moment I left I was surrounded by the most spectactular beauty of both nature and  warmth from the wonderful Norwegians I met during my visit. It all seems very much like a beautiful dream this morning because every single day was fantastic. So much so that the possibility of further workshops  is already being discussed for 2011 for those who couldn't get there with me this year. If you are interested please book early as places disappear so very quickly and I just can't do justice to  this gorgeous location by words alone.

Here the atmosphere of magic, inspiration, motivation ,even healing hits you constantly. I have felt alive, refreshed and so eager to keep my brush moving whilst I had the opportunity to capture so many fresh and vivid colours. New exciting subjects faced me constantly.

I also have been touched by the kindness,enthusiasm, warmth and genuine interest in my technique by so many of the artists I met whilst I was there. I am going back and there will be a chance for just a few lucky enough to book a place to attend my next workshops there and enjoy the experience of a lifetime with me yet again. 

For now I want to quietly absorb so much that has enriched my life over the last few days.Days filled with many happy memories which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Often when we go away as much as we  love  where we are staying we still look forward to coming home. Just for once I can honestly say leaving made me feel very sad. I loved Norway that much.

Colour of Norway, a clear blue sea of a colour that is so filled with magic for an artists soul.


Thank you so much to everyone in Norway  who made me feel welcome, wanted and generously gave me a welcome into their hearts and art. I truly am in love with both Norway and everyone in it.



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