Sunday, 29 August 2010

Watching Paint Dry!

Jockeys Racing to take first place 
Section from a larger painting in watercolour.

Another week has passed and I  am taking time out this Sunday to think about how lucky I am. A week ago I had just left Norway after my workshops there with incredible  artists and now I am facing a new week ahead with  my upcoming watercolour workshops in UK. I have read emails from excited artists attending who have been looking forward to these sessions. Each time I read such comments I feel so encouraged to share my passion for this magical medium even more.

There is no other medium that can throw surprises at you  consistently with its incredible unique effects from colours merging. When pigments first meet and hit water on paper its reactions can be so fantastic. Allowing them to do what they do best without our interference while they dry can lead to such amazing results. And yet so many artists race to complete a painting. I often find the journey to completion can be far more enjoyable than the actual  finish line!

Patience is a virtue so they say but how many of us have careers where simply sitting and watching paint dry  is such fun.

Indeed, I AM very lucky!


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