Monday, 2 August 2010

Monday Blues

 "Shades of Blue"

Painting From Life

 "Delphinium" First Stage

One of the greatest pleasures of Summer is the variety of  subjects readily available tempting my watercolours and brush within my garden. The delphiniums are coming into their second bloom this year and I hastily am trying to capture them before they totally disappear. As a keen gardener I learned that removing the flower heads as they  fade before they have the opportunity to produce seeds can give the plant encouragement to give a second display of flowers.This means as an artist I too get a second chance to paint these gorgeous  blossoms from life this season. Now the buds are varied in size as well as the height of the tall spires which aids my composition.Whilst I normally alter this via my imagination now I have shorter plants helping to distract the eye from the main flower.. There is confusion as to the blooms in the distance as well as confusion around the base of the plant  in the foreground because at this time of year other foliage is competing for space.

Delphinium buds in sunlight.

The strong sunlight has  effected  my choice of shades for each section .The top is almost golden in the morning light.A wonderful contrast to the deep blue further down the stem in the main open flowers.

Open Delphinium with dramatic centre.

Within the surrounding petals is a white centre that is almost like a second inner flower. Almost hidden but striking in its beauty and definitely adding to the impact of each blossom. Summer passes so quickly so making the most of every opportunity to paint from life is vital for me.I just hope I can catch the hollyhocks next  whilst they are at their best!


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