Sunday, 22 August 2010

Soar With The Eagles

A favourite portrait of mine  built up simply with placement of colour and no preliminary sketch.

Sunday is always a day for quiet reflection. I know I am so blessed in many ways. I have a wonderful family, caring and thoughtful friends. I adore nature and I am surrounded by beautiful  scenery. I can travel which takes me to places where I see even more amazing sights and meet even more incredible new friends. I couldn't ask for more. No one could.

When I pick up my brush each day a feeling of peace flows into each new brushstroke. I feel like a child happily exploring new ideas,teachniques and colour combinations. In my workshops I often ask  this question. How many adults get to feel this way consistently gaining a sense of wonder. Whilst working with such a magical medium,watercolour can instill a natural sense of youth in constantly seeing new effects in our results and paintings that thrill and excite us as artists.

I am totally in love  with watercolour and life which is what I try so hard to share in my workshops. A sense of well being and the feeling you can achieve whatever you wish to achieve if  you allow yourself to. During my second workshop in Norway I wrote this line on the blackboard.

" The only thing stopping you from achieving anything you want to achieve is you" 

I strongly believe this to be true.

I also like this idea although I appreciate it may be harder to do.

"No one  in this world will feel unloved while I am living in it"

I am a firm believer in walking away from negativity. From those who may have hurt you or upset you. But there is a time to forgive and live your life with peace in your heart.This makes you the better person and the stronger one.Living with heartache or pain can only bring you down to a level where you cannot fly.

With the innocence of childhood we fill our lives with joy doing what we wish without worry. As adults we can fill our lives with needless stress. During my recent workshops I was asked how I am always so happy and cheerful. I should be happy as I am doing what I love and choose to do, mixing with positive people who make me feel happy when I see them, always. We can't all have trouble free lives but we can make decisions to make our lives better by surrounding ourselves with only positive energy and people who are good for us.Negativity is like carrying huge heavy rocks on our shoulders.

The words "I can't " are a very heavy rock!

" Throw heavy rocks off your shoulders and soar with the eagles" 
You will find so many others who are willing to soar with you.

Have a wonderful Sunday.



Susan Roux said...

Wonderful portrait. I like how it simply emerges out of the light.

Arti said...

Wonderful painting and ditto for the thought!You hve a great day,too:)

Anonymous said...

Wow this is beautiful. the watercolour itself is amazing, so simple, yet shows everything. Instant fav. and your words are just as incredible. I really need to stop preventing myself from succeeding like you say. I'm the only one who is stopping me from success. Happy sunday back at cha'
peace n abundance,

Marie Theron said...

Jean, this is such a lovely painting, how good you are with your direct painting with no sketch beforehand. Lovely thoughts are expressed in this piece! It goes so well with the gentle watercolour. Enjoy everyday and keep on creating!

F.M.Marrouch said...

Gran retrato, increíble como manejas el trabajo en húmedo, y bonitas reflexiones.

Sparrowhawk said...

jocob's pensive mood is captured beautifully!

love your thoughts about positivity and believing in yourself. I guess forgiving in addition to what all you have said, helps us to feel lighter as there is nothing more to worry about!

kjellfrid said...

I will take all your words with me in my heart! Thank you again for an excellent work shop! You give your students so much more than painting teaching!

...and by the way, the painting of the child is so beautiful! I'm waiting to see Mia.... ;)