Sunday, 29 August 2010

Quietly Watching.

"Quietly Watching"

I didn't realise until I shared this painting on my blog how appropriate the title was. Anyone who has been on my workshops will understand what I mean when I say how quiet everyone is when I demonstrate. I often have to look behind me to make sure everyone is still awake. I've been told  that everyone is so fascinated by the  images appearing on paper from my brushstrokes that no one wants to talk. But as the demonstrating artists sometimes you just have to make sure everyone is actually still there!

The room is often so quiet you could hear a pin drop. And it is rather magical when this happens because then I know I have taken everyone to where I am in my mind with my painting. I am at one with the subject and what is  flowing from my imagination which  is intriguing us all in the same way.

Even though I have painted in this style for years I still can't get used to how images appear as if by magic after a few brushstrokes. Placement of colour, placement of detail in the final layers on top of the base colour can lead to incredible and unique results. With no preliminary sketch I can be certain I cannot re create exactly the same painting ever again which to me is also magical.

" Quietly Watching" will be at " THE FRAME" Gallery in Odiham next week for my book signing and exhibition.



Cynnie said...

What a beautiful elephant...the splashes of turquoise make him extra special!
Cynthia Schelzig

Marie Theron said...

What I sometimes find even more fascinating is that there grows real emotion out of the images you create. Rather like an organ player who gives us more than just a tune!

June Walker said...

I was just thinking this about your style and technique, Jean...magical!