Sunday, 11 March 2012

Busy Times


I knew this year would be busy but maybe I underestimated by how much!

It's been a fabulous week. I drove to Norwich and stayed in a delightful venue to film my new DVD with Town House Films.  The set was all ready for filming on my arrival and over the next few days demonstrations were captured and as always time flew by.

Making a film is similar to writing or teaching. When you write a book you plan the stages and have time to think about exactly what you are aiming to portray in the publication.  You can often make changes as the book progresses in its creative journey. When you teach you have an audience who aid the dynamics in the room, often asking questions and interacting with you during each demonstration.

When you film you are talking to a camera and trying to make everything seem natural rather than "acted". You know there is a limit to what you can fit into a filming day and it is often time to leave long before you feel you want it to be. With each demonstration you also need to take time to stop between colour additions or brushstrokes to allow the camera time to film  helpful close ups that aid the viewer of the finished DVD. As watercolour is my chosen subject whilst stopping at vital sections in a paintings creation it is important for me not lose focus of the techniques I am sharing.

I have no script as I prefer to work as if in a workshop aiming to share my passion for working in watercolour.

In this new film I give so much  information as I  am trying to show how I think when I work. The tips and techniques are many and I have chosen an absolute favourite of all subjects to close with. I don't want to spoil the surprise so until I have the cover I will keep the new title and contents my secret but I truly hope everyone who buys a copy enjoys the film.

It leads on in many  ways from "Amazing ways With watercolour" my first DVD and adds to the journey of how I am personally evolving as an artist. The idea is to encourage you to not stand still with your art and grow to a new level in your own art journey.

Now I have a week ahead to work on my exhibition and write art features.

It is a very busy time!


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