Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Watercolour Passion: New DVD

  Watercolour Passion
My new DVD

I can't believe how fast this year is flying by or how many wonderful things are happening in it. Today I was talking to my publishers, then the Artist Magazine regarding a wonderful competition connected with my feature in their June 2012 issue and  later a gallery regarding my exhibitions this year.

And  even more exciting news is that my new DVD is now  available to pre order from Town House Films directly or from my web site.

You can see a clip of my new DVD " Watercolour Passion" via this link.

I find it fascinating that not too long ago I would avoid driving long distances and yet I drove to Norwich to create this new film and loved it. My aim in " Watercolour Passion" is to lead   you into my world and studio by starting with my colour exercises which have taught me many of the new colour combinations and effects that are in my latest paintings. 

Only by experimenting can we grow and evolve in our work which is why I set a challenge in the opening section for everyone watching to do just that. Evolve and grow as artists! 

These exercises lead to three demonstrations for a variety of subjects. I'm hoping this film witll inspire, motivate and open eyes to painting any subject with new approaches, new colour combinations and techniques and always have fascinating results.

I have been quite nervous waiting to see this new film but now I have seen it I am over the moon. Because its fun, relaxed and full of information and the tips that I share in my workshops. These have become so popular and fully book so quickly that by filming a new DVD I can share my passion for watercolour  all over the world without having to jump on a plane or suffer from jetlag!

This film brings me right into your home and we can paint together ,enjoying every single brushstroke!

I hope you like it!



Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Ordered the DVD, when/where can we order your book? The preview on the DVD looks wonderful... such fun... can't wait to see it.

Brotesdeternura said...

Congratulations Jean! I can not wait to have him home. What a wonderful year for you and for us with both your talent come to our hands. Thanks for sharing. Grace