Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring 2012

New Daffodil Collection

I have been making the most of the glorious spring sunshine by painting floral work in my cottage garden. Last Autumn we planted  many varieties of spring flowers and the joy in seeing each new bloom is just too big a temptation for this artist. My studio is now full of paintings of daffodils in a number of exciting compositions.

I am well aware that each season always flies by so fast. If you don't paint flowers while they are at their best in natural light you miss a golden opportunity to improve your art. There is nothing in the world that can teach you more about shadows than nature. In fact as far as I am concerned nature is our greatest tutor. There is so much to observe, constantly learn from and be inspired by that I am frequently amazed at the atists who only ever work from photographs. They miss so much.

Looking a a flat image caught on paper and trying to replicate it leaves nothing for this artist to get a thrill out of. But place me in front of a real subject that is full of  fascinating true colours then my imagination takes over pulling emotion into my work. Feelings that just do not exist when working from a photograph. 

I can't wait for tomorrow and the new pieces I will be working on. A whole new week lays before me with many fantastic watercolours to be created in it.

What a life!


Dear Jo,

These are the daffodils I painted that I mentioned in  my email to you.
They are now here on my blog.

Best wishes and God Bless,


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