Monday, 12 March 2012

Making the most of Eyes in Watercolour

"A Hint of  Green Eyed Envy"

I have had the greatest of starts to my week and must devote some time to contacting requests for demonstrations and book signing events tomorrow.

I had wonderful news regarding our  fluffy, ginger cat last week. This time last year he was given months to live but not only made an annual visit to the vets last Friday but was also told he could be with us for years to come! He is so strong, well loved and doing great even though he has Cancer. Maybe the fact he doesn't know he has Cancer is the importnat point here. Maybe he doesn't worry about being ill as he has no idea he is.

Isn't that the same with painting?

I meet so many artists who tell me they aren't very good or seem to be  having disaster after disaster when they pick up their brushes. Before they even start painting they know they will fail. If they didn't know they would fail they would probably succeed!

Youngsters don't think about painting, they just do it and have fun. How brilliant it would be if as adults we could jump into that mind set by simply loving creating and forgetting any pressure we put on our own shoulders by expecting masterpieces each time we work.

As for me, yes, my bin isn't as full these days as it was years ago when I practised to get to where I wanted to be with my art. But guess what? I am still reaching for new destination  and still loving each moment that I pick up my brush.

So how about letting go of any negative thoughts and painting the best watercolour you have ever created in your life next time you create. Because you love the action as much as the direction you are headed in.

Positivity has incredible effects!


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Liana Yarckin said...

love this composition and colors!