Monday, 12 March 2012

In Love With Colour

Winsor & Newton Watercolours

There is no doubt about it. My worK is taking on even more of an abstract curve these days. I am passionate about colour and as time passes the quiet whispers of my previous work are being taken over by bold, vibrantly energetic washes and colour combinations.

This was my most exciting experiment recently so I am happy to share it.

Where this adventurous road will lead me in technique I am uncertain of. But I do know I am addicted  to working in this medium and cannot wait to explore further. Only by working constantly with pigments and understanding what they can achieve can I gain such  dramatic results. Which is why in my workshops colour really is playing a very strong role.

To me being afraid of colour is not a good sign if you want to be a great artist. I am making the most of every touch,brushstroke,colour application and placement in a composition.

Life  is about to get even more exciting!


1 comment:

Arti said...

Lovely takes some mastery to blend all these dark and deep colors and yet making each stand out!