Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring Fever 2012

The Beauty of Spring

It's amazing how the change of scenery and season are effecting my watercolours. My garden is full of Spring  flowers and so they are an obvious choice for subjects This time last year I was working on my new book., Atmospheric Watercolours. Writing chapters on technique to build up paintings in stages that could easily followed by readers.

Building up a painting of primroses

It was a year for exploration into colour and a personal quest to find ways to make working in my favourite medium even more exciting. I am now looking forward to the day when I can hold my new book in its printed form in my hands for the first time. Simply from writing it and working on the paintings to be included in it I have learned so much. It's been like sitting in one of my own workshops and taking in exactly why I choose certain colours,compositions or even brushstrokes. I didn't think it was possible but I have made myself fall in love with watercolour even more. It's an addictive sensation as my passion has literally flowed into each section and demonstration held within the pages of  my new publication.

Compositions with energy and life

My main focus has been to gain a sense of life or movement in my work. At times strength of colour has been the most important factor. As I completed my new feature for the June issue of  "The Artist" magazine yesterday I realised I am still experimenting, still exploring and still  looking at ways to keep excitement very high as a priority in my work. This is why my workshops evolve continually as I always have fascinating new techniques to share often leading to opportunties that  have often never been covered before.

When I have a quiet moment I will again paint Spring subjects and see how far I have come from last years' experiments. The journey as an artist who strives to continually improve in their style never ends.



My new book is available to pre-order on or signed copies will be availbe from my own web site  from May 2012

Thank you so much to everyone who has " liked" my new book on I was thrilled to see fifteen likes this morning before my book is even released! It's really encouraging at this stage of my books journey as  probably many an author gets the pre-release "jitters" of excitement and heady anticipation of the launch!


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