Sunday, 4 March 2012

Leaving to Film my new DVD

Daffodils in Spring Harmony

I find myself in a situation where I am on a high from painting this afternoon in my studio.  I know I need to pack my brushes away now until I film my new DVD this week as I need to prepare for the drive tomorrow. But putting them down  is so hard!

I have  a solo exhibition  and as I  forwarded press release images yesterday afternoon to the gallery I became so excited at my new collection that I couldn't wait to start painting today.

To leave to film this week is obviousy necessary because there won't be a new DVD if I don't! But I so wish I could be in two places at once at times. I want to be here using all this motivated enthusiasm in my  new watercolours.

However I will channel the energy and share it in my  new film  along with the wonderful discoveries I have found in new techniques whilst writing my new book,"Atmospheric Watercolours" which will be out later this year. It probably is a good thing Town House Films contacted me last week to discuss the filming or I could have become totally side tracked with my exhibition work instead!

I am meeting so many new artists who wish to turn professional. My advise to each of them is to realise this does become a full time job, taking every minute and absorbing your attention not just for one week ahead,but months and in my case even years as I try to fit so much in.

But what can I say?

I love being this busy!


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