Friday, 30 March 2012

Working With Energy

Primroses in the early stages of an experimental wash

Art to me is not about painting what I know or even  painting what I know I can. It is about pushing the boundaries and always aiming to find something new. Something far more exciting than what I have painted previously and something that will lead me into an even more exciting adventure in my art work tomorrow and the day after that and forever more.

I don't stand still with my work nor do I ever intend to. Why paint what I created last year in the same way or the year before that as it has already been done.

I am on a never ending road that leaps from one exciting discovery to the next and I am loving every second of my journey.

This week I have been exploring colour combinations to make my new florals literally jump off the paper at me and this primrose wash is  suddenly turning into  something very special. It is different and  the creative process has been full of terrific surprises.

No day should be dull or boring.

No painting should either.

And with the right attitude every time I pick up my brushes my heart should be racing with each new colour application and decision.

Life is great because I make it great and as always time is flying by far too quickly.

There is so much yet to be discovered!



Mick Carney said...

The courage of your conviction is the key to your wonderful expression in paint.

Debbie Nolan said...

Jean I thoroughly enjoy your art and your blog - your flowers do jump off the page. What an inspiration you are. God bless